Monday, September 12, 2011

Thirparappu Special Village Panchayat (Kanyakumari District)

A trip to Thirparappu Waterfall is full of adventure and thrill. Journey to this spot near Kanyakumari is a memorable experience in my lifetime.

While traveling to Thirparappu Waterfall tourists can discover the beautiful places in and around the region like Vattakottai,Padmanabhapuram Palace,Pechiparai dam  and Amman temple and many more.

The beautiful waterfall from Kodayar River is located at a distance about 50 km from Kanyakumari. To reach Thirparappu Falls, the Trivandrum highway route through the village of Nagercoil is enough. The falls lies close to Kulasekhara village that was once ruled by kings.

Thirparappu Waterfall in Kanyakumari falls is 300 feet of a rocky riverbed. The view of the water, falling from a height of 60 feet. The Thirparappu weir has been built on the rocky mass that stretches far across the distance covering 300 meter in the direction against the streams current. This weir water to the fields that are used for irrigation purpose.

A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is situated on the banks of the river. There are strong walls surround the temple. Recently, a swimming pool has been constructed nearby, so that children can enjoy their trip to Thirparappu Waterfall.

Thirparappu Falls is locatted 40 K.M. from Nagerkovil, famous falls. Children's Swimming Pool & Children's Park constructed & maintained by the Special Village Panchayat.